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Artist: Barrage

Informationen zum Künster "Barrage".

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Künstler Barrage

Informationen zum Künstler Barrage

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7 Musik-CDs nach Erscheinungsjahr:
Vagabond Tales by Barrage
Vagabond Tales 2004
10 Titel gefunden
Vagabond Tales by Barrage
Vagabond Tales 2003
30 Titel gefunden
Barrage by Barrage
Barrage 2000
29 Titel gefunden
Barrage by Barrage
Barrage 2000
10 Titel gefunden
Barrage by Barrage
Barrage 1994
8 Titel gefunden
Live in Europe by Barrage
Live in Europe
40 Titel gefunden
On Tour with Barrage - Live in Europe by Barrage
On Tour with Barrage - Live in Europe
10 Titel gefunden
74 Tracks alphabetisch:
All I Need by Barrage
All I Need
4 min 2 sec | Rock
Allen's Bar by Barrage
Allen's Bar
3 min 34 sec | Celtic
Anach Cuan by Barrage
Anach Cuan
3 min 11 sec | Folk
Anytime, Anywhere by Barrage
Anytime, Anywhere
4 min 34 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Appalachian dream by Barrage
Appalachian dream
3 min 50 sec
Birdland by Barrage
3 min 35 sec | Folk
Bridge Over Troubled Water by Barrage
Bridge Over Troubled Water
3 min 45 sec | misc
Bucimis by Barrage
3 min 27 sec | Folk
Calypso Jam by Barrage
Calypso Jam
3 min 38 sec | Folk
Cankers In Skillet by Barrage
Cankers In Skillet
2 min 5 sec | Feral Media
Chopsticken by Barrage
4 min 3 sec | Folk
Constant Pounding by Barrage
Constant Pounding
3 min 40 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Copplestone's Circus by Barrage
Copplestone's Circus
4 min 7 sec | Celtic
Corridor by Barrage
2 min 54 sec | Feral Media
Dark Haired Boy by Barrage
Dark Haired Boy
3 min 44 sec | Folk
Dissipation by Barrage
1 min 50 sec | Feral Media
Down the Road by Barrage
Down the Road
3 min 47 sec | Rock
Eleanor Rigby by Barrage
Eleanor Rigby
3 min 48 sec | Folk
End of the World by Barrage
End of the World
3 min 26 sec | Rock
Fanny Power Medley by Barrage
Fanny Power Medley
4 min 10 sec
Fantasy Number by Barrage
Fantasy Number
2 min 37 sec | Feral Media
Fay Maclnnis by Barrage
Fay Maclnnis
3 min 37 sec
FFF by Barrage
FFF (Full Frontal Force)
3 min 21 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Find a Way Out by Barrage
Find a Way Out
4 min 22 sec | Rock
Foy MacInnis by Barrage
Foy MacInnis
3 min 35 sec
Front Porch Jam by Barrage
Front Porch Jam
3 min 4 sec | Folk
Get the Picture by Barrage
Get the Picture
Ghost riders by Barrage
Ghost riders
3 min 9 sec
Ghost Riders in the Sky by Barrage
Ghost Riders in the Sky
2 min 58 sec
Hold On by Barrage
Hold On
3 min 30 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Hour Of Pink Dominoes by Barrage
Hour Of Pink Dominoes
2 min 52 sec | Feral Media
Karen's air by Barrage
Karen's air
2 min 30 sec
Keep You Lovin' Me by Barrage
Keep You Lovin' Me
4 min 7 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Knach Cuan by Barrage
Knach Cuan
3 min 12 sec | Instrumental Rock
Kumpania by Barrage
3 min 29 sec | Folk
Live and Let Die by Barrage
Live and Let Die
3 min 19 sec | Folk
Mahatma by Barrage
6 min 21 sec | Folk
Marceline by Barrage
3 min 27 sec | Feral Media
Miss Your Love by Barrage
Miss Your Love
4 min 22 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Mountain Spring by Barrage
Mountain Spring
4 min 56 sec | Folk
No Looking Back by Barrage
No Looking Back
3 min 56 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Nobodys Fool by Barrage
Nobodys Fool
4 min 46 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Old Joe Clack by Barrage
Old Joe Clack
3 min 9 sec | Instrumental Rock
Old Joe Clark by Barrage
Old Joe Clark
3 min 10 sec | Folk
Paralyzed by Barrage
3 min 22 sec | Celtic
Pop The Top by Barrage
Pop The Top
4 min 4 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Rasputin by Barrage
2 min 50 sec | misc
Row by Barrage
3 min 34 sec | Folk
Running Horses by Barrage
Running Horses
3 min 30 sec | misc
Saint Pattrice by Barrage
Saint Pattrice
3 min 37 sec
Sally G by Barrage
Sally G
3 min 37 sec | misc
See What I'm Talkin' About by Barrage
See What I'm Talkin' About
4 min 3 sec | Rock
Seven Wicked Reels by Barrage
Seven Wicked Reels
4 min 20 sec | Folk
Sexy Ways by Barrage
Sexy Ways
4 min 1 sec | Melodic Hard Rock
Shift by Barrage
1 min 46 sec | Feral Media
Simcha by Barrage
5 min 13 sec
Sing, Sing, Sing by Barrage
Sing, Sing, Sing
4 min 37 sec | Folk
3 min 39 sec | Rock
Spazz Jazz by Barrage
Spazz Jazz
2 min 50 sec | Folk
Ste Pattrice by Barrage
Ste Pattrice
3 min 42 sec
Sweet Georgia Brown by Barrage
Sweet Georgia Brown
3 min 17 sec | misc
Take the Long Way Home by Barrage
Take the Long Way Home
3 min 59 sec | Folk
Tell Me by Barrage
Tell Me (Who I Am)
4 min 36 sec | Rock
Texas Swing by Barrage
Texas Swing
3 min 8 sec
The Ukraine by Barrage
The Ukraine
3 min 3 sec
Tico Tico by Barrage
Tico Tico
2 min 43 sec | Folk
Tides by Barrage
2 min 40 sec | Feral Media
Together Again by Barrage
Together Again
4 min 36 sec | misc
Traveller by Barrage
3 min 5 sec
Unconvinced by Barrage
1 min 59 sec | Feral Media
Unsentimental by Barrage
2 min 29 sec | Feral Media
Until We Meet Again by Barrage
Until We Meet Again
3 min 47 sec | Celtic
What's Goin' On? by Barrage
What's Goin' On?
3 min 50 sec | Celtic
What's Going On? by Barrage
What's Going On?
3 min 53 sec | Folk
Musikvideos mit Barrage
Barrage Music Video: Devil's Nightmare
Barrage Music Video: Devil's Nightmare
PLAY 2:07 min - One of Barrage's epic tunes. The audience is taken on a stylistic journey from Bach through Paganini to Celtic reels. Filming directed and edited by Matt Har...

This looks like a ...

This looks like a fun group to be in... (Nathan ford)

There is such a ...

There is such a thing as "too many" violins. (Jason Lee)

Lindsey Stirling ...

Lindsey Stirling should be with them (Jinxcy Doll)

Barrage Music Video: Asturias
Barrage Music Video: Asturias
PLAY 2:07 min - A virtuoso solo piece originally written for the piano. Most famously played on the guitar. Now it's on the violin and blasted out by Alicia Enstrom. Albeniz...

(Ehab Leo)

Good investment of ...

Good investment of her parents' money on violin / fiddle lessons. Too bad they didn't have any left for her clothes. (OVUgirl)

exciting and a ...

exciting and a pleasure to listen to. thankyou (John Hunter)

Barrage Music Video: Bolero
Barrage Music Video: Bolero
PLAY 2:07 min - Ravel wrote this as an experimentation in orchestration. Barrage have taken the experimentation a few steps further. Naseem Khozein leads. Filming directed a...

Cool! What's the ...

Cool! What's the amazing sound! I make some blog about barrage music (norbankk)


Loooooooooooooooooove! She's so fun and ***y to watch. Adds to the experience and the music. It's like the violin is the singer. (2ndHandKate)

Ravel aurait aimé, ...

Ravel aurait aimé, lui qui a écrit cette musique dans un cabaret enfumé de Buenos Aires. (gbsevigne)

Barrage - Until We Meet Again
Barrage - Until We Meet Again
PLAY 2:07 min - I am posting this because I have not seen the original version of this song here on Youtube. o.O So, enjoy! lyrics: Until We Meet Again May the road rise up ...

I can't find this ...

I can't find this on itunes. I can never find the music I am looking for on itunes and I am disappointed  (Kat Johnson)

@Vivaciousvamp: I ...

@Vivaciousvamp: I will gladly send you a copy of this song. :) (Lisa Williams)

Thank you for ...

Thank you for posting the original recording. I just listened to the newer recording, and prefer this one very much! (Rebel Chelle)

Gareth Meek - Relentless Barrage
Gareth Meek - Relentless Barrage
PLAY 2:07 min - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/garethmeekofficial Official: http://www.garethmeek.co.uk/ Bandcamp: https://garethmeekcompositions.bandcamp.com/ Playlist: ht...

NEEDS BASS, this ...

NEEDS BASS, this song would be amazing if it had some. (Ouroboros)

Coooooooooool! This ...

Coooooooooool! This Choir! So epic feelings (Alopex Lagopus)

(ThePrimeCronus .)

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