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Artist: PP Arnold

Informationen zum Künster "PP Arnold".

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Künstler PP Arnold

Informationen zum Künstler PP Arnold

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2 Musik-CDs nach Erscheinungsjahr:
Different Drum - CDS by PP Arnold
Different Drum - CDS 1997
4 Titel gefunden
Kafunta + by PP Arnold
Kafunta +
10 Titel gefunden
19 Tracks alphabetisch:
Am I Still Dreaming? by PP Arnold
Am I Still Dreaming?
4 min 34 sec | Mod
Angel Of The Morning by PP Arnold
Angel Of The Morning
3 min 17 sec | Oldies
As Tears Go By by PP Arnold
As Tears Go By
2 min 57 sec | Pop
Different Drum by PP Arnold
Different Drum
2 min 29 sec | Pop-Folk
Different Drum by PP Arnold
Different Drum (Strung Up)
Eleanor Rigby by PP Arnold
Eleanor Rigby
3 min 32 sec | Pop
Everything's Gonna Be alright by PP Arnold
Everything's Gonna Be alright
3 min 3 sec | Northern Soul
First Cut Is The Deepest by PP Arnold
First Cut Is The Deepest
3 min 16 sec
God Only Knows by PP Arnold
God Only Knows
3 min 17 sec | Pop
It'll Never Hapen Again by PP Arnold
It'll Never Hapen Again
3 min 26 sec | Pop
It'll never happen again by PP arnold
It'll never happen again
3 min 25 sec | blues
Kafunta One by PP Arnold
Kafunta One
0 min 56 sec | Pop
Kafunta Three by PP Arnold
Kafunta Three
0 min 20 sec | Pop
Kafunta Two by PP Arnold
Kafunta Two
0 min 27 sec | Pop
Letter To Bill by PP Arnold
Letter To Bill
3 min 28 sec | Pop
The First Cut Is The Deapest by PP Arnold
The First Cut Is The Deapest
3 min 16 sec
The First Cut Is The Deepest by PP Arnold
The First Cut Is The Deepest
3 min 5 sec | Oldies
The time has come by PP Arnold
The time has come
2 min 39 sec | RockPop
Yesterday by PP Arnold
3 min 35 sec | Pop
Musikvideos mit PP Arnold
P.P.Arnold - Angel Of The Morning
P.P.Arnold - Angel Of The Morning
PLAY 2:07 min - P.P.Arnold singles - 1967 The Time Has Come 1967 Everything's Gonna Be Alright 1967 The First Cut Is the Deepest 1968 (If You Think You're) Groovy 1968 Angel...

P. P. Arnold - " ...

P. P. Arnold - "Angel Of The Morning" #dapimusic #mymusichangout #rhythmandblues  (David Henry Pipe)

Wonder if this is ...

Wonder if this is with The Nice and Keith Emerson backing PP? (tarkus1232003)

I remember hearing ...

I remember hearing the Merilee Rush version as a kid. This is another great version.. I find it unusual. She starts off slow with not much intonation but then at the end she goes all out with ... (osvaldoe)

Eleanor Rigby - P.P.Arnold ( 1968 )
Eleanor Rigby - P.P.Arnold ( 1968 )
PLAY 2:07 min - From the album Kafunta released August 1968.

P.P. Arnold is the ...

P.P. Arnold is the greatest female singer in my book I bought 100 copies of her album KAFUNTA !!! you do justice to every song you sing I simply love you, you are the best  (Abobaker Isaacs)

A friend told me ...

A friend told me that she was still getting over her break-up w/ Steve Marriot when she recorded a live version of "Tin Soldier", in Paris with The Small Faces...Good stuff. (Donald Newman)

ohhhhh yes

ohhhhh yes (Glenn parent)

Band of Sisters featuring PP Arnold - Live At Pheasantry
Band of Sisters featuring PP Arnold - Live At Pheasantry
PLAY 2:07 min - The Awesome PP Arnold and the Band of Sisters sing live at The Pheasantry in Chelsea. Backed by world class musicians. First Cut is the Deepest performed by ...

Fabulous !!!.... ...

Fabulous !!!.... what an incredibly talented bunch of Ladies -- and a few gents too :-) (Don Wilson)

(cherri gilham)

P.P. Arnold - The First Cut is The Deepest LIVE 2011
P.P. Arnold - The First Cut is The Deepest   LIVE 2011
PLAY 2:07 min - PP Arnold live at the Jazz cafe , London singing her classic hit "THe First Cut Is `The Deepest"

Love how a legend ...

Love how a legend is blaring out her single o. Stage and lychees Brits can do is talk in the background (kjohnnyt00)

I don't like the ...

I don't like the song this slow. It's like it's on cough syrup. (Iva)

wow here voice is ...

wow here voice is still perfect, more mature.. and her smile.. still in love. (Honey Headshots)

PP Arnold - Live 2011
PP Arnold -  Live 2011
PLAY 2:07 min - PP Arnold at Mass in Brixton, London Her fantastic rendition of "River Deep Mountain High"
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